Translations of the BC Conservative Party‘s Constitution and Policy documents

You can download PDFs of the latest BC Conservative Constitution and Policy documents in English from the BC Conservative Party website. You can also download PDFs of the same documents in French here and there.

According to the 2011 Canadian census, there are over 150 languages spoken regularly in BC homes. To make the BC Conservative Constitution and Policy more accessible to individuals whose first language may not be English or French, we translated these documents from English into the 25 most frequently spoken languages in BC homes and made these translated documents available as PDFs in the table below. We also translated the documents into modern versions of some of the oldest languages in the world such as Arabic, Greek, Hebrew and Latin and included PDFs of these translations at the latter rows of the table.

We used Google Translate to do the translations. Research suggests that the accuracy Google Translate depends on the source and destination languages as well as the translation algorithms. A recent article in the science journal Nature reported that Google engineers had upgraded Google Translate to take advantage of the artificial intelligence technique of deep learning, reducing translation errors associated with previous algorithms by 60 percent. We hope that our translated documents capture the original intent of the BC Conservative Constitution and Policy and help bridge any communication gaps.

Translated BC Conservative Party Documents ()
Langage Constitution Policy
Pubjabi A1 A2
Chinese (simple) B1 B2
Chinese (traditional) C1 C2
Korean D1 D2
Tagalog (Pilipino, Filipino) E1 E2
Persian (Farsi) F1 F2
Spanish G1 G2
Vietnamese H1 H2
Hindi I1 I2
Russian J1 J2
German K1 K2
Japanese L1 L2
Polish M1 M2
Italian N1 N2
Urdu O1 O2
Portuguese P1 P2
Romanian Q1 Q2
Serbian R1 R2
Gujarati S1 S2
Hungarian T1 T2
Croatian U1 U2
Dutch V1 V2
Tamil W1 W2
Czech X1 X2
Bengali Y1 Y2
Arabic Z1 Z2
Greek AA1 AA2
Hebrew BB1 BB2
Latin CC1 CC2

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