Making a Contribution

If you would like to contribute to my campaign either before or after the election, you can send a check to the BC Conservative Party treasurer, Bob Bray, at the following address:

Bob Bray, Treasurer
BC Conservative Party
327–1434 Ironwood Street
Campbell River, BC V9W 5T5

Indicate in the memo line of your check that the funds are for the “Jay Cross Campaign.”

Alternatively, you can also e–Transfer your contribution to Bob Bray at Similar to sending a check, indicate in the message portion of your e–Transfer that the funds are for the “Jay Cross Campaign.”

Finally, if you would like to contribute using a credit card or some other technology, Bob Bray can be reached by phone at 250–504–0052.

Tax Credit

If you make a contribution, you will be eligible to receive a generous tax credit that you can claim when you file your T1 income tax Return. For example, a contribution of $200 will result in $125 tax credit and only cost you $75.

The tax credit calculator below shows you what your tax credit will be and how much your contribution is going to cost you. Simply type in the "Contribution Amount" and the calculator does the rest.

Tax Credit Calculator

Additional information on tax credits is available here.

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