Brief Background

I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. My father was a geological engineer with Noranda Exploration, Ltd., a Canadian mining company. Because of his job, I spent my youth living in places such as South Africa and Cyprus before my family settled in Richmond, BC. While completing a BSc in Biochemistry at UBC, I spent summers tree planting and working for mining companies in BC and across Canada. After developing an interest in social science theory and methodology, I undertook a MA in Sociology at UVic. I then completed a PhD in Sociology at Columbia University in New York City where I specialized in advanced statistical analysis, micro economics, and law. As a Columbia University post-doc and an associate research scientist, I pursued research in public health policy and geographic information systems before I returned to Vancouver. In Vancouver, I consult as a statistical analyst and I write about innovative strategies to improve bureaucratic efficiencies in government. Family is a big part of my life. My wife and I have been together for 26 years. We are raising two boys, ages 12 and 16.

Conservative Values

I support free enterprise, small government and reduced taxes. I also believe in fiscal and personal responsibility and a strong national defense. In addition, as with the Founders of the BC Conservative Party who created the first BC university, UBC, I am an advocate of education, particularly higher education. I see ethical, rigorous, scientific discovery as the way forward and social science as having the capacity to unmask the world we often take for granted in order to make us better human beings. However, above all, I see diversity as the cornerstone and future of the BC Conservative Party and of this Province. Diversity in resources and people are vital ingredients to building the BC Conservative Party and developing a competitive BC economy.

Paths to Success

We need strong, deeply held principles and goals as well as great ideas to solve today’s problems. The BC Conservative Party has the passion to do just that. However, even with the best ideas, it cannot engage BC voters without adequate funds and a dynamic recruitment program. If this Party is serious about engaging voters for the 2017 BC general election, I believe it needs to address its financial shortcomings with a strong and stable fundraising program. In addition, the BC Conservative Party only has 2000 active members despite the fact that 85,000 people voted for a conservative candidate in the last BC general election. I believe that creating a strong, dynamic recruitment program with diversity as a pillar is essential for building up the Party’s membership and ensuring that great ideas are introduced, heard, and implemented. If elected as leader, one of my first acts will be to develop a Diversity and Inclusion Policy for the BC Conservative Party.

Ignoring BC Conservative Party’s resourcing problems will not make them go away. I ask that you consider supporting my leadership bid by voting for me in the upcoming BC Conservative Leadership Election. Finally, contributions to my campaign are especially welcome but only if you have the means to do so.

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